From Personal Story to Personal Action

Instruction: Review and answer the questions below about your Personal Story.

Story: Everyone has one, so withhold judgment on yourself and others. 

What significant positive or negative experiences in your early childhood, teen, or adult years impacted you and what decisions have you made, as a result? 

How has this impacted your attitude, beliefs, behavior and decisions or non-decisions? (Some of us have forgotten or have repressed these incidents, but they still impact us.)

Is it time to let go & move on or continue to embrace and use these experiences positively?

What decision(s) do you need to make? What action(s) do you need to take?

Activity: Read your bio/resume after processing your story and examine its relationship to your journey and past or present story. 

Any trends or patterns?  Remember your beliefs, decisions and actions at key points that kept you focused or created detours.   

Where along the way were you at peak performance and how or why? 

In reviewing, don’t forget to celebrate and take humble pride in your accomplishments, so that you can gain strength and courage to continue to do great work and impact others!

Alfred Ramirez