Francesca Galarraga

Organizational & Leadership Strategist, Diversity & Inclusion Practitioner, Social Impression Management, Consultant


I have had the good fortune of working with Alfred Ramirez for several years. More importantly, I have had the honor of watching him work. Alfred’s communication and networking skills supersede those of any I’ve ever seen. He can connect with people of all walks of life, in any venue. He is dedicated to improving the lives of others as an exemplary community leader and as an advocate for civil rights. He works diligently to ensure that the rights of all individuals are protected by establishing relationships with community leaders and motivating the public into action.

His work as an advocate for Latinos has made him a sought-after speaker. His breath of experience gives him license to speak on a plethora of topics – from diversity and leadership to education and strategic planning. From Washington, DC to The Quad Cities, IL, Alfred shares his passion and enthusiasm with all who come in contact with him. I highly recommend Alfred to anyone who is seeking a larger-than-life personality to engage, energize, or motivate any group into action.


Ginie Lynch

Strategic Communications Advisor

Alfred Ramirez is one of the most outstanding and talented professionals that I have the good fortune to work alongside in various capacities over the years. He has been a supervisor, a mentor, a colleague in the Federal government and someone I have collaborated with on educational initiatives for diverse audiences. Alfred is dedicated to public service and the greater good. He is a successful and skillful negotiator often asked to advise businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies. On any given day, Alfred may be leading a focus group or workplace panel discussion or serving as a motivational or keynote speaker. In whatever capacity to which he is called, he is a thoughtful, dynamic and engaging leader. Alfred brings people together and solves problems in creative ways that produce innovative results. He is an intuitive listener and knows how to connect the dots and motivate people to work effectively together. His sincerity, generosity, kindness and integrity put him heads above others in the professional world. Alfred Ramirez is simply the best there is, and I highly recommend that you work with him!

Letty Velez

President/CEO & Visionary Co-Founder at Velez Global Enterprises & IC Genius


To meet & have the opportunity to work with Alfred is an honor & high-level interaction of thought provoking & disruptive ideas. His integrity, respect, & ethical values are like a refreshing blast of what a great company & country can do when working in collaboration. Our passion at making a difference in the business world to bring everyone to the table is his driving force on a daily basis, for clear perspectives from different diverse lenses & partnerships that reflect his successes from the White House, to the Boardroom, & the training room.


Jairo Munoz

Pr. Customer Support Manager at Rockwell Collins


Alfred is a wonderful, supportive professional that knows how to lead and facilitate group interaction to achieve key business goals. His contribution to gain cooperation of diverse groups was superb in several projects we were involved.

I highly recommend Alfred.


Heather Roberts-Putman

HR Administrator at Production Cutting Services


Alfred had a great impact on my life professionally. I consider him to be my mentor and someone I greatly respect. His kind-heart and sense of humor always come through. Professional, educated, articulate. He was a great asset to the Quad Cities and to Group-O, as well as the QC Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

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